What is included in The Wingmen package?

We can take care of every aspect of your wedding, if you let us! This includes invitations, venue, décor, stylists, entertainment, catering, honeymoon tours & a whole gamut of services. The only thing you’d need to show up with is your other half!

How big is your crew?

Size matters! In this case, the size of your wedding, which determines the size of our crew.

How much in advance do we have to book you?

As they say, ‘the earlier the better’. Seriously, not to sound preachy butgiving us a heads-up well in advance only means more time for us to make your wedding perfect down to the last detail!

How much time will it take to do the décor setup?

Didn’t your mother tell you that the early bird catches the worm? The earlier we’re given access to the venue, the more relaxed we all are!

Will my event come out exactly as I planned it?

We would like to say that if you picture something, we execute it. But that pesky Murphy gets in the way. Conservatively, the final look will be 80% close to what you had in mind and you will be a 100% satisfied

Do you guys travel to national/international locations?

Yes! Just give us our tickets and we’ll be on our way. Oh, and food too. And shelter! (We’ll bring our own clothes.)

Are prices negotiable?

As the quote goes, a true compromise is when both parties feel screwed over!

Do I have to opt for the whole package or can I choose only some deliverables?

Sure, if you like repeating yourself. Wouldn’t you rather just explain one thing to one person, once over? One package, one agency!

Will there be a singular point of contact?

Each event will be allotted one hotline number and we promise to be your 4 am friend!

Can design be changed right before the event?

Imagine if right before your muhurtham, your best buddy told you that there’s something wrong with your dress. The panic you would feel is what we feel when you ask us this question! *Give us enough notice and we could have it done.

Can colour & elements be customised?

Of course! Our décor is almost never the same. When we’re brainstorming with you and exchanging ideas, feel free to let us know if something special caught your eye.

Can we give you the design for implementation?

Yes, absolutely. However, it may have a touch of The Wingmen’s design aesthetics to spice it up a notch!


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The Wingmen

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